Super Moon in Muscat

Full Moon on 5th May 2012

This past Saturday we had a Super Full Moon. Did you know?

This is an event that happens once a year when the moon is the closest to earth and the full moon appears brighter and bigger.

Some say that this is the closest the moon has been to earth in 20 years.

I first learned about it from National Geographic’s feeds on Facebook. Thank you NG and FB. These are the kind of news I pay attention to, rather than political debates, celebrity gossips, murders and suicides; so I went and researched a bit more.

By the way, it still baffles me how the media tries to attract the public’s attention.

Whatever! It was a pretty spectacular full moon.

Remembering the magnificent stroll on the beach at sunset the day before I had a “seize the moment” revelation and came up with the idea of a BBQ on the beach near us for the occasion.

The sea has been dead flat in the last few weeks, the temperatures are perfect for swimming in the evening and the moon event seemed a perfect excuse to party.

Saturday is a weekday here (equivalent to a Monday in the western world) so I wasn’t expecting many people to be keen on an evening out at the very start of the week but I wasn’t going to let my life be boxed into a pre-set mental routine so I was determined to go ahead with my last minute plans, even if it was just the two of us.

In the end there were quite a few of us and we had a beautiful evening.

Spontaneity is the salt of life.

Full Moon BBQ Party

This is the kind of stuff that you can do easily in Muscat; which is why I love living here. How many capital cities can you do this in?

What did you do on the Super Full Moon evening on 5th May 2012? Did you know about this event?

Writing with a torch


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