2012 review and Happy Holidays

I realise that I have been very inconsistent with my updates. The thing is that lots has happened in the last few months and I am only now starting to make some sense of it.

As we approach the end of 2012 I am going through the usual review of the year. This has been a very exciting year with lots of interesting travel and adventures but 2012 has also been a prelude to change.

Amongst the highlights there are (in chronological order):

  • Starting the year in style in Singapore
  • Learning to surf in Cherating (Malayisia)
  • Spending lovely time around Oman with family visiting in February
  • Learning to Kitesurf (and improving throughout the year, with jumps and 2m-high waves too!)
  • Skiing in Sweden
  • Crossing frozen landscapes dog-sledding in the Arctic Circle
  • Watching the Northern Lights in Awe
  • Sleeping in an Art Suite (that has now melted and no longer exists) in the famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasgarvi
  • Proudly finishing my studies and attending my graduation ceremony in Portsmouth in the summer
  • Spending quality time with the family in Hampshire
  • Watching the miracle of survival and death unfold with a VIP seat at Wildebeest Migration on the Mara River in Kenya
  • Expedition leading & supporting marine conservation through coral monitoring with Biosphere-Expeditions in the Maldives
  • Startling my parents with a surprise visit to Italy and spending a few lovely days on the mountains near Rome
  • Drowning in beer, wearing the dirndl and staying with good old friends for Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Sunbathing and kite-surfing (even if just shortly) on the Island of Ungujua (better known as Zanzibar)
  • Conquering Wadi Tiwi (9 hours of trekking, climbing and wading), Wadi Ta’ab, Snake Canyon and abseiling down the top of the Canyon in Jebel Shams
  • Selling our beloved boat and saying goodbye to our dear friends G & C with whom we have shared lots of adventures over the past 4 years
  • Laughing with friends until the belly hurts at the many parties, camping trips and BBQs
  • Discovering new sites in Muscat

In 2012 we have also planted the seedlings of change. The trip to Singapore & Malaysia was in fact a recognition trip to explore places where we could potentially move to next. Since the start of the year we have been wondering whether it is time for us to move on.

Indeed we have been in Oman for over four years now and while we have had many adventures of a lifetime, discovered amazing places and made great friends (some of which we know we will stay in touch with for ever) we have been torn between leaving for new shores and continuing living this life of comfort that is now so familiar and dear to us.

After many debates eventually life answered with a nudge towards change.

Things have shifted at work for S. and suddenly our life has come to a crossroad with two diverging paths.  We have chosen the unknown one.

As it stands we will be leaving Oman by the end of March; only three months to go.

Where to we don’t know yet but I am sure I will have a thing or two to write about in the near future.

I hope you also had a good 2012 and I wish you all a very, very Happy 2013!




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