I realise I haven’t been updating the blog much recently.

It’s a busy time for us. A few changes are coming our way. We will be leaving Oman at the end of March and we are in a mad rush to get organised for the move but also to experience the last few places that we haven’t visited here yet as well as places within travel distance from Oman that we should try to visit before we leave this region.

Since the beginning of the year we have been on a kitesurfing holiday to Zanzibar, spent our last lavish bling-bling weekend in Dubai where we have experienced dinner at the Al Mahara Restaurant in the ever so famous and iconic Burj Al Arab (all that glitters is gold in there, even on food!). For the next two weekends in February we are planning a visit to Masirah Island and a diving weekend on a Dhow in Musandam. We are flying to Italy for a skiing holiday at the beginning of March, where we plan to upgrade our skiing skills to off-piste and experience heli-skiing for the first time, not before dropping our dog with my parents for temporary relocation.

We are also getting the cats ready for international travel (not that they will ever be ready) and in all this we are also searching for work!

Everybody keeps on asking us “where next” but in all earnest we haven’t got the foggiest clue; the world is our oyster and while we have wishes and hopes, at this stage uncertainty is upon us and we take (and enjoy) every day as it comes.

In the meantime this year I also have had another article published in the Oman LNG Corporate magazine (I will share that one here soon) and some of my photos have been used on this page of this Safari Bookings website: http://www.safaribookings.com/Exeter

Maybe between a open house sale and a cardboard box and the other I may manage to write something up about these last experiences and travels. But bear with me. Inspiration and creativity is truly being hijacked by a busy planning head.

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Nice to read yr article. Hav u been to India? Why dont u try ……Try to visit Pune which is about 180 kms from Mumbai. Food, drinks and lodging is very cheap compared to Muscat…

      • Well…u r welcome….we are very social…I got bored at Muscat as I found somehow I could not have rapo with local people, could not see their day to day life. Here in India u could stay with a decent family and could no how people are enjoying social life. There are certain -ve things like..crowdy, pollution is more than Muscat…Traffic Jam etc. But u would not get such social life. Well best luck!

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