A stroll in Nai Yang

It’s our second day in Nai Yang (if we can count our arrival day, spent mostly sleeping, as our first day).

Today is cloudy which means not as hot as yesterday. It is also a little bit breezy which makes it overall great for wandering around.

We are a little bit jet-lagged so the day’s been a bit fuzzy and unordered.

Got up at 11:00 am, caught up with pending messages and emails, had a late Thai lunch (I guess 3pm is late for lunch) at a small little shack down the road where we had dinner yesterday (lunch for two was 160 THB today, that’s €4.15 or £3.50 or US$ 5.40, whatever currency you understand best: it was cheap and great). We’ve only been here just over 24 hrs and we’ve already found our regular!

We walked a lot today. A bit to get a feeling of our surroundings, a bit to shake off the jet-lag from our dizzy heads. We walked a long walk to a local supermarket, Tesco Lotus express (yes a bit weird to find a Tesco here). I like poking my nose into local supermarkets when I travel, even though they may be called the same as back home, it is quite interesting to see unusual brands and products being sold, though this one didn’t have anything that startled me. Maybe too small and essential or maybe I am getting used to the “slightly unordinary”. Who knows? Though the seaweed crisps did catch my attention and S. immediately wanted to buy some. Anyway, I have taken some pictures. You decide.

I have learned a few things today.

For example that you can rent a scooter for us$5 per day but a taxi driver can ask you about the same to cover the distance we walked to the supermarket (maybe a couple of kilometers?).
I have learned that you take your shoes off to enter a Thai house but the same also seems to apply to small offices and shops (we didn’t leave our flip-flops outside Tesco but we did for the car and scooter rental outfits as well as the phone store).

I have learned that animals like us or at least street dogs show their keenness by following us everywhere but that maybe the results of slightly sweetish smell of sweat produced as soon as we step outdoors. Courtesy of a very hot and sticky weather.

Tonight we are planning to get lost in Patong. Now that promises to shake up my knowledge.

Let’s see.


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