Daytrip from Seoul – a day in Namiseom Island

This weekend we did a day trip to Namiseom Island. This is a little river island along the Han River 64km upstream from Seoul.

We traveled there by metro and train to Gapyeong station from where we reached the ferry dock with a short taxi ride. With the metro and fast train it took about 1.5 hrs to reach.

Once at the ferry dock we decided that the zip wire was a more exciting option to reach the island so we bought tickets for the attraction, climbed up the 80m high tower and let the staff strap us into the zip wire seats. From there we sled down onto the island along a 940m cable taking in the beautiful views.

The actual ride was not scary at all and it was quite gentle/not too fast so it was really a great way to enjoy the sights from that height.

As spring is upon us and the weather is getting nicer and nicer lots of people tend to do trips out of Seoul at weekends so the island was a popular day trip destination yesterday. There were lots of people on the island however even though it was busy it didn’t feel too bad in terms of crowds. South Korea is well organised and somehow it didn’t feel too crowded and we never had to queue too much anywhere.

As usual we had some great Korean food for lunch and really enjoyed taking in the sights.

Namiseom is a famous location for the filming of some of the scenes from a famous Korean Drama called “Winter Sonata”; another interesting fact about this tiny island is that it is an independent republic.

The zip wire experience included the entrance fee to the island and the ferry ride back. It was a fun day with friends and it was nice to get out of the city.




One thought on “Daytrip from Seoul – a day in Namiseom Island

  1. Nice photos.  Looks like a good escape from concentrated studies, but I wouldn’t have ejoyed the wire-transport! Love Angela


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