Day out of Seoul: Cheonan wakeboard cable park

Last Sunday we went to check out the Cheonan Wakeboarding Cable park. It was a fun day out from Seoul and very good exercise.


The wakeboarding cable park is in the outskirts of the city of Cheonan. Cheonan is a city about 83 km south of Seoul. The actual cable park is located in the outskirts of Cheonan near Baekseok University (the park is further ahead on the same road).

For navigation and exact location on Google Maps you may use the following address: San 57-3, Anseo-dong, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si.

There is also a location map on the park’s website (all in Korean).

Cheonan wakeboarding parkThe park is positioned out of town on a lake surrounded by mountains covered with tress so the setting is quite nice and it makes for a very relaxing place to spend a few hours or a day wakeboarding. The wakeboarding centre has a little shop that sells limited refreshments and drinks so I recommend that if you go to spend the day there you bring your own picnic food and water (when we were there they had soft drinks but no water and we were able to buy only pot-noodles for lunch). There are no other shops within walking distance (unless you want to walk 20 minutes one way) though if you go by car there are restaurants and convenience stores within a very short drive.

There are chairs, tables and shades along the banks to relax and watch other riders. Despite being there on a sunday there were not so many people wake boarding there so it was very relaxed and we found no queues. Not sure if it gets busier in mid summer.

On top of selling access to the cable park they rent equipment and provide lessons (Korean only). If you have never used a wakeboarding cable or wakeboarded before you will need lessons. All good if you speak Korean however if you don’t you may want to go with a Korean friend who can help with the translation or someone who can teach you in English. When you start wakeboarding you normally learn on a knee board first.

Cheonan Wakeboarding Cable ParkThe equipment that they rent is basic and the board I rented was quite old and battered so if you have your own equipment it is better to bring that.

How to get there

Driving is the best option: we rented a car at KT Rent-a-car. By car on a Sunday morning it took us about 1 hour to get there from Gangnam, coming back we found a bit of traffic and it took us 1.5 hours (we left Cheonan at around 5:30 pm).

The cost of the car rental for the day (8 am to 10 pm) was 74,000 won including insurance and about 28,000 won for the petrol.

By public transport you would need to take a bus from Express Bus Terminal to 천안고속버스터미널 (Cheonan Bus Terminal) and then get a taxi to the cable park from there (maybe 20-30 mins ride). Not sure what the costs would be in this case.


The up-to-date prices are on the company website

however to summarise a 2-hour ride pass is 50,000 won and 4 hour ride pass is 70,000 won. These are the weekend prices. A little bit cheaper during the week (as of June 2014).

For full equipment rental (board, helmet, life jacket) add 8,000 won.

They do not accepts cards so make sure you bring enough cash. There are cash dispensers in the village nearby however not within walking distance.

Additional info and links:

Cable Park website gallery

Overall it makes for a fun day out.

After the wakeboarding we visited a nearby temple: Gagwonsa Buddhist temple at Taejosan (Mount Taejo) which has a 15m tall stone Budda statue and it is a very beautiful temple. Nice colours and very pretty location with all the mountains around. Definitely worth a stop.

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