Global Seoul Mate 2014

I have been selected as one of 200 Global Seoul Mates for 2014.

As a Global Seoul Mate I will be asked to share the beauty of Seoul through my social network channels (including this blog). Over the course of the year, we will be given three missions to produce contents to promote Seoul. Those who successfully finish each mission will be given a “GOOD” certification mark and presented with a gift.

Very exciting, not that I needed an excuse but certainly an exciting incentive to discover more of Seoul and share my experiences with you.

I am travelling in Europe right now but I will be back in Seoul at the end of July.

In early August I will also resume my Korean Language studies with a 3-weeks intensive summer course at Seoul National University. Then at the end of August my mum and aunt will be visiting for three weeks, so I’ll be their personal guide. Exciting times. Stay tuned.

Global Seoul Mate Certificate

Mission #1: July 23 – August 17, 2014.






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