Gaeta and surrounding coastline: a break from Rome city

Have you landed in Rome on a hot summer day and after visiting all its treasures and melting your shoes on the hot streets you are wondering how to take a break from it all without giving up on beauty and great food?

No need to despair. A couple of hours’ drive from the Italian capital it is possible to chill on a beach, eat fresh seafood and cool down in the gentle sea breeze. Head to Gaeta, Sperlonga, San Felice Circeo and Lago di Paola (or Lago di Sabaudia)

Here are some photos of a couple of days spent along that coastline.


Gaeta: an old coastal town along a peaceful bay with crystal clear waters.

Sperlonga: a small old town perched on a mountain above the sea. Small lanes, steps and white houses.

San Felice Circeo is also a small town on a mount next to the sea surrounded by the lush Circeo National Park. Lago di Paola is a brackish waters’ lake along the coast, south of San Felice Circeo.





One thought on “Gaeta and surrounding coastline: a break from Rome city

  1. Lovely photos – thanks.  Been to some really good things at the local Ryedale Festival – famous poet, Wendy Cope (and musicians) today, and talk about music and memory followed by piano recital with a special memory composition last week, special concert last night to celebrate the 300th concert of Sowerby Music Society (near Thirsk, not far away) etc etc.  The village play is on next week so J is very busy with all this still and we will be glad when it is all over! Apart from the occasional deluge and claps of thunder we have escaped the bad storms in some parts of the UK.

    Love Angela


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