Kimchi making and sharing festival

“[…] You cannot do that, it’s like asking a Korean not to eat Kimchi”.

The speaker paused. I shifted slightly on my chair and looked at the group of ladies sitting around the table with me. There was a slight giggle of surprise then it was clear that everybody understood. Had you entered the room in that exact moment you would have not guessed that the talk being delivered was about the job market in Korea rather than Kimchi but anyone who has spent longer than the average length of a holiday or a quick business trip in South Korea would appreciate this metaphor to a deeper level.

Yes Kimchi is an important food in this part of the world. Kimchi in South Korea is not just food, it is a tradition, it is a way of life.

As for many things Korean before I came to live in Seoul, I really didn’t know anything about Kimchi yet now I appreciate that if you want to understand the culture a bit more then you also need to understand Kimchi, the relationship Koreans have with it and the many possible permutations of cabbage and other vegetable things can go through.

Because truly if you think that all Kimchi is the same, then obviously you don’t know Kimchi.

In autumn, when the trees turn into beautiful colourful paintings and the hot sumer weather is replaced by crisp, sunny and bright days, Koreans get busy making Kimchi for the winter.

This is the period of a special event called Gimjang. This is a great season to learn a bit more about one of the many interesting facets of Korean culture and customs for example by attending the Kimchi Making and Sharing Festival.

Below is a copy of the leaflet that I have created for my second mission as a Global Seoulmate.

It’s time to learn more! Can you Kimchi?

Kimchi Festival

One thought on “Kimchi making and sharing festival

  1. Glad to hear from you as havn’t heard from either of you for ages.  Thanks for this new post – amazing how different life is there.  The festivals sound fun.  How is your Korean coming on?

    NB –  it is Natalies birthday today and Clara’s on sunday.  Natalie is having a spy party or something tomorrow!

    We had a wonderful time in Bristol in late Sept – meeting up with old student friends and going to a great golden wedding party.  Unfortunately once back home a trip for me to the dentist was disastrous – things went wrong somewhere and had awful pain for weeks and lots of trips back to see him and can still only eat on one side and nothing chewy – am dying for a lamb chop!  At least the pain has now gone, but things havn’t quite healed up yet.  Hence the silence from our end!

    It’s really warm here, 20C in some places, and the autumn colours are lovely.  Went for a new walk in Yearsley Moor recently and also had a vg talk in the VH (History Society) about excavations they had been doing there – an old mill was found and the old boundaries of the wall which kept the animals in for hunting when it was a large hunting park.  Some of the things found were very many hundreds of years old.  

    Is S in Dubai or are you both there?  Not clear from the Tripit message.

    Love Angela/mum



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