6 steps to an exciting lazy weekend in Seoul

One of the perks of living overseas is that even an ordinary unplanned lazy weekend can transform into an exciting adventure; life in Seoul is no exception.

Here is a quick recipe for a great weekend. Tried and tested.

1. Lazy breakfast

Indulge in a lazy brunch: The Flying Pan in Gangnam, at the bottom of the GT tower outside exit 9 of Gangnam station has some nice pancakes on the menu.


2. Lunch in Tongin Market

5000 won buys you a stack of coins that you can use around the market to pick and choose the food you fancy, then you go and eat at the tables in the canteen.



Tongin market is near Gyeongbokgung Palace. Take exit 2 of Gyeongbokgung metro station and walk straight for about 5-10 minutes, Tongin market will be on your left.


3. Coffee up the hill

After lunch head up the mountains for a relaxed coffee stop with a view. You are still in the city but it feels like a holiday.



산모퉁이 cafe is on the flanks of the mountains above Baum-dong (the mountains behind the royal palace).
From outside exit 3 of Gyeongbokgung metro station board bus 7018, 7016, 1711, 7212, 1020 or 7022 and get off after 4-5 stops at Changuimun gate (Jahamun stop). From there it’s a little slog uphill but it’s all worth it.


4. Stroll in the woods

After coffee work the calories off with a stroll along the paths near there.  Or, if you have energy you can climb up the steps along this section of the wall (ID required to enter this guarded area of the wall trail). Alternatively just admire the houses in the neighbourhood.


5. Wander in Baum-dong

Once you have had enough of nature head back down hill and take a stroll in Baum-dong neighbourhood

6. Sundowners in the sky

Before the sun goes to sleep head back to life on the fast lane in the Gangnam district. Maybe stop home quickly to freshen up and glam up then head to Yeoksam to enjoy sunset from what I reckon is the best rooftop bar in town.

The Sky Bar is on the rooftop of the Hotel Mercure Seoul, near Yeoksam metro station. Google will give you the exact location for this hotel if you ask. The bar is on the pricy side but oh so amazing.

That’s it, that’s the summary of a successful Sunday afternoon in Seoul; tried and tested for you.


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