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How old are you? Which age? Korean age?

How old are you? Which age? Korean age?

“How old are you?” I ask my new local acquaintance. I ask this question timidly; while I am wincing a little inside as I push my cemented cultural boundaries which have taught me that age is a private matter and certainly not something to ask someone you don’t know so well, I know that I will not be considered rude. I am in a bar on a night out in mid-week sleepless Seoul; inquiring about age to someone you have recently met is as routine as exchanging comments about the weather in the UK; Continue reading

Expat life in Seoul – the beginning

Expat life in Seoul – the beginning

I didn’t know what to expect of Seoul.

My very first experience with this sprawling metropolis was in December 2013. I was there for a two-weeks holiday but in my mind I was already evaluating it as a place to live as I knew I would be coming back a short while later to make it my home.

It was not love at first sight. As I looked at the cityscape spreading in front of me from the big window of our lounge in our swanky, modern flat on the 13th floor of a block in the borough of Gangnam I felt a little pang. The view was pretty but there was nothing in this comfortable flat or the streets downstairs that made me feel at home. Continue reading


I realise I haven’t been updating the blog much recently. It’s a busy time for us. A few changes are coming our way. We will be leaving Oman at the end of March and we are in a mad rush to get organised for the move but also to experience the last few places that … Continue reading

A day in the life…

My opinion may be biased but I think I have the best office in the world. It doesn’t matter how well or bad the day has started (and sometimes it does happen that I get out of bed stepping onto the wrong foot) I will eventually end up with a grin on my face and … Continue reading